Price: $90

Seller: norish
State: California
City: San Jose
Zip code: 95102
Type: Animals

I am a small USDA Licensed Breeder of Sugar Gliders I breed for Normal Gray, Black Beauty, WFB, Leucistic and Mosaic gliders. All of my gliders are handled on a daily basis, and will make a well socialized addition to any family. All potential buyers will be screened. At the present time I have available 9 joeys that are aged over 8 weeks. They all come with a 6 months health guarantee, license permit, health papers and purchase receipt.
Take note that we can not sell less than 2 gliders. Each sugar glider will be going for $90. A pair will be $180.Shipping available for an extra cost.
We also having breeding pairs going for $500 the pair.